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Domestic Battery

Kane County & Naperville Domestic Battery Lawyers

People often have trouble accepting that domestic battery is a crime of violence. If you are convicted, your record could include a felony assault charge that will forever label you as a violent offender. Many people charged with domestic assault are surprised to learn that they face prosecution, even when the victim doesn’t want to press charges. Under Illinois law, a person arrested for assault at the scene of a domestic disturbance is subject to the decision of the State’s Attorney, not the victim.

If you are facing charges of domestic battery or any other offense related to domestic violence, talk to an attorney at the Law Offices of Kim DiGiovanni right away.

We Do Everything Possible to Keep You Out of Jail

For many people charged with domestic battery, it is their first time entering the criminal justice system. It’s a scary place with threats of jail time coming from all directions. As former prosecutors ourselves, we know that prosecutors are often willing to listen to reasonable alternatives to convicting a person of a battery charge. We work hard to appropriate education and rehabilitation programs that will allow you to avoid a conviction after successful completion.

Before you say anything to the police or prosecutor, let us talk to you about your rights and how we can help. Contact us if you are facing charges for any kind of domestic offense, including:

    • Domestic battery, assault
    • Sexual assault
    • Child abuse, child endangerment
    • Harassment, stalking
    • Restraining order violations, violating an order of protection

Criminal defense lawyers Kim DiGiovanni have earned respect and recognition from prosecutors and judges in counties throughout northern Illinois.

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From our offices in Wheaton and St. Charles, we represent individuals charged with domestic battery in Kane County and DuPage County, Illinois. Contact us to talk to an experienced Wheaton domestic violence attorney today.