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DUI Lawyers

Naperville Drunk Driving Defense Lawyers · Driver’s License Suspension Attorneys

If you have been charged with DUI in Kane County or DuPage County, you will be facing some of the most aggressive prosecution strategies in Illinois. The police and Assistant State’s Attorneys will try anything to get you to accept a guilty plea. Make no mistake, even the most generous plea arrangement, such as supervision, is still a conviction on your record until you have successfully completed the probation period. Don’t agree to anything without an experienced DUI defense lawyer advising you.

The Law Offices of Kim DiGiovanni has the experience to help protect you from the harsh penalties of DUI conviction. As former state prosecutors, we have been involved in hundreds of DUI cases. We put our insight and knowledge of the system to your benefit by finding insightful strategies that give you every available advantage. From challenging the probable cause for the initial arrest to the field sobriety test and breath or blood test results, we use every possible defense strategy, leaving no prosecutor’s tactics unchallenged.

By keeping you informed with honest, clear appraisals of your options throughout your case, you will be able to make decisions that are best for your future.” – Attorney Kim DiGiovanni

When you retain our law firm to represent you, we provide aggressive representation that includes:

    • initial consultation to provide an honest evaluation of your case
    • In-depth investigation and gathering of police reports and records for evidence
    • Thorough case preparation that anticipates strategies employed by the prosecutor
    • Representation at all legal hearings
    • Scheduling and representation at your secretary of state hearing to protect your license
    • Insightful, aggressive negotiations with the prosecutor to dismiss or reduce charges
    • Ongoing, responsive communications throughout your case
    • Knowledgeable, skillful trial representation in the event you seek an acquittal in court

Don’t wait to find out what happens next. Having an experienced attorney protecting your rights as soon as possible is your best advantage in a DUI charge. Our knowledge of how the prosecution approaches your case can make a significant difference in the final outcome.

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From our offices in Wheaton and St. Charles, we represent individuals charged with DUI and related traffic offenses in Kane County and DuPage County, Illinois. Contact us to talk to an experienced Illinois DUI defense lawyer today.