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Spousal Maintenance And Alimony In Illinois

Throughout Chicagoland, clients wanting to know their rights are protected in alimony matters turn to the Law Offices of Kim DiGiovanni. With offices in both St. Charles and Wheaton, we serve the alimony needs of clients who seek personalized legal guidance.

Illinois Alimony Lawyer Serving Wheaton, St. Charles And More

Our firm’s commitment to individually tailored legal advice means that we offer clients the time their cases require for effective resolution. By making ourselves accessible to our clients, we get to know our clients and our clients get to know us.

Because we know the details of our clients’ lives, we better understand how to tailor the general rules to their specific circumstances. This approach pays particular dividends when addressing a fact-specific area such as alimony.

Drawing on years of experience, attorney Kim DiGiovanni understands the law as it exists in the law books and how it is actually practiced in our region. She incorporates this unique knowledge into the representation she provides when analyzing how to strategically approach any number of issues in an alimony-related legal matter, including:

    • Earning capacity
    • Standard of living
    • Property division tax consequences
    • Contributions to another spouse’s education
    • Business income
    • And more

We have purposely structured our firm so as to maximize the amount of time we can spend with each client. As a result, our firm can pay attention to the behind-the-scenes details that can mean the difference in an alimony case.

These matters often include procedural matters such as pretrial memos, status hearings and conferences. You will rest easier knowing that your needs are being addressed in these matters by an experienced attorney you have come to know.

Experienced Spousal Maintenance And Alimony Attorney

Potential clients may schedule an initial maintenance consultation by contacting us online or by calling our firm at (630) 584-9111. All communications remain confidential.