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Division Of Business Assets

At the Law Offices of Kim DiGiovanni, we commit an entire area of practice to family law matters. As a result, our guidance in any one family dispute draws on a well-informed understanding of how larger issues affect a particular case. This understanding becomes particularly valuable in complicated divorces involving the division of business assets in St. Charles, Wheaton and surrounding communities.

Experienced Legal Judgment In Difficult Matters

Our firm’s family lawyer, Kim DiGiovanni, has spent years protecting her clients’ rights during complicated family disputes. In doing so, she also draws on her years of experience as a criminal prosecutor.

As a result, she thrives both in and out of the courtroom during divorce cases involving business assets. When a client’s rights are best protected by going to trial, she understands the technical rules and procedures involved as well as the legal strategies related to evidence and witnesses. When a client’s rights are best protected by negotiation, she already knows how to help clients sort through the options and choose those options that best meet their goals, both financially and personally.

We provide each client with access to our firm’s network of experts and consultants. This network regularly assists our clients in business valuation, including the determination of actual income, the true value of a spouse’s contribution to a business and more.

To best position our clients for success in business asset divorces, we also commit an experienced legal team to each case. In doing so, our firm provides the resources required to protect our clients’ rights in these matters and work toward a fair and satisfactory outcome.

Let Us Help You Protect Your Rights When Business Assets Are At Stake

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