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Child Support

DuPage and Kane County Child Support Law Firm of Kim DiGiovanni

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Caring for a child is expensive for a married couple. As a single parent, it can sometimes seem unbearable. Whether you are the custodial parent receiving the support or the non-custodial parent providing it, child support is one of the most financially trying aspects of divorce. Child support is the court’s way of ensuring that both parents remain responsible and reliable in the financial aspects of raising their child well after the divorce is final.

There are many factors which influence child support cases, and the service of a knowledgeable family law attorney will go a long way towards helping ensure that your child will be taken care of. When choosing a divorce attorney, it is very important to find someone with whom you are comfortable because he or she will be your guide through the entire process, including custody and support. The Law Offices of Kim DiGiovanni are experienced family law attorneys. In Illinois, the guidelines for child support primarily take into account the needs of the children, the income of each party, and the costs for child care and health insurance. Depending on your individual circumstances, the Law Offices of Kim DiGiovanni will fight for your interests and the interests of the child or children.

We know that you value your role as a parent, and that you want what’s best for your child. Your child support settlement must be fair. We will work with you to develop reasonable expectations, build a plan, and then go to work on accomplishing the goal.

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