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Debt Division in Divorce

Particularly in light of the economy, our clients in the last few years have come to realize they need to protect their rights, not only with regard to the division of assets, but with respect to the division of debt as well. For that reason, clients throughout the St. Charles and Wheaton areas turn to the Law Offices of Kim DiGiovanni for legal advice that is as effective as it is efficient.

Our firm has addressed these matters on a number of occasions over the years. In doing so, we offer our clients the services of Kim DiGiovanni.

Fair Treatment In Marital Debt Division

Clients appreciate Ms. DiGiovanni’s personalized approach to the practice of divorce law. To understand her clients’ specific needs and how to tailor her legal guidance to meet those needs, Ms. Giovanni maximizes her accessibility to clients. As a result of this accessibility, she knows her clients and her clients know her.

In protecting our clients’ rights during divorce, we have addressed the fair division of a wide variety of debts, including:

    • Back taxes
    • Credit cards
    • Car loans
    • Mortgages
    • And more

As an experienced lawyer, Ms. DiGiovanni understands how the law is actually practiced. Into every legal opinion she offers to her clients, she incorporates this knowledge of what arguments particular judges may find persuasive and what strategies particular opposing lawyers may use in a case. As a result, her clients receive guidance that is especially responsive to the specific circumstances they face in their legal matters.

Marital Debt Division In Divorce: Experienced Attorney Serving St. Charles And Wheaton Areas

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