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Wheaton High-Asset Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is stressful enough even without the presence of complicated, highly valued possessions. During a difficult high-asset divorce, our firm’s clients depend confidently on the legal guidance of our firm’s family attorney, Kim DiGiovanni.

Ms. DiGiovanni reflects our firm’s commitment as a whole to meeting the unique needs of each client. In responding to these needs, our firm provides the objective third-person advice clients seek in high-asset divorces. We do so in a manner that is as practically effective as it is efficient.

Experienced Legal Guidance In High-Asset Divorces

By working closely with each of our clients facing high-asset divorces, we learn what goals and needs must be met in order to protect that client’s rights. We follow this philosophy with respect to a wide range of divorce-related matters, including:

    • QDROs
    • Pension valuations
    • Luxury items
    • Retirement accounts
    • Investment properties
    • Business assets
    • And more

We take this client-focused approach because we know there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all legal guidance. Because each person is different, so is each case.

Our client-responsive approach also means that clients understand all of their legal options. These options go beyond just going to trial or expensive litigation. But should trial become necessary, clients know they can rely on the seasoned courtroom judgment Ms. DiGiovanni holds from her years of experience and her work as a criminal prosecutor.

Wheaton And St. Charles-Area High-Asset Divorce Lawyer

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