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Wheaton Property Division Lawyer

The Law Offices of Kim DiGiovanni excels at providing divorce clients with the resources they need to protect their rights during property division matters. Drawing on years of experience, attorney Kim DiGiovanni works with each client on an individual basis to help them reach fair and satisfactory conclusions to what could have otherwise escalated into a much more difficult situation.

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When Ms. DiGiovanni advises each client, she has the experienced legal judgment to depend on more than just the technical legal rules in property division matters. She also takes the time to understand each client’s unique needs in these matters, needs that often involve sensitive family dynamics.

For that reason, Ms. DiGiovanni presents each client with a menu of legal options specifically tailored to their own needs and goals, both legal and personal. Our firm’s clients then regularly rely on Ms. DiGiovanni’s advice in order to choose from those options wisely and confidently.

In helping our clients protect their rights during the division of property in a divorce, we actively maintain a network of reliable appraisers and other experts. This network understands how to value a variety of assets, including difficult-to-value assets such as investments, retirement accounts and business interests. Their opinions add to the credibility of our clients’ representations to the court and to interested parties.

Wheaton And St. Charles-Area Property Division Lawyer

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