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St. Charles Separation Agreement Lawyer

When married clients in the Chicagoland area face separations, they look to our law firm, the Law Offices of Kim DiGiovanni, for sound, well-considered legal advice. In response, we regularly recommend individually tailored legal separation agreements.

Our separation agreements often prevent the kind of unnecessary and expensive litigation that can consume families for months, if not years. We offer legal separation agreements that expressly set out rules and boundaries, particularly with respect to parenting time, the use of marital assets and more. These separation agreements also address how to resolve conflicts that arise during the course of the separation.

Thoughtfully Designed Marital Separation Agreements

We design our separation agreements to meet our clients’ goals. These goals often involve keeping the peace, protecting the children and resolving disputes smoothly whether a divorce becomes the solution or not.

Our firm’s family law attorney, Kim DiGiovanni, draws on her years of experience to provide each client with a marital separation agreement tailored to his or her specific needs. As with all of our firm’s legal services, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all legal guidance because there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all person.

For that reason, we have committed to building a firm that emphasizes client accessibility. Because we work with each family law client on an individual basis, we know the problems that are completely unique to their situations, including sensitive family dynamics.

We can therefore draft marital separation agreements that take these dynamics into account. Doing so often enables our clients to use the legal separation to begin the process of moving forward with their lives.

Separation Agreement Lawyer: St. Charles

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