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Wheaton Area Lawyer: Uncontested Divorce

Too few people understand how to keep an uncontested divorce uncontested. Vaguely drafted divorce agreements often lead to problems in the future that require court intervention. At the Law Offices of Kim DiGiovanni, we help our clients understand how carefully built divorce agreements during the uncontested divorce not only protect rights, but keep the peace now and in the future.

Let Us Help You Make Sure Your Noncontested Divorce Stays Noncontested

An effective divorce agreement expressly sets out in writing the expectations and rules that will be met when the ex-spouses interact with respect to children, property and more. Divorce documents that are poorly drafted or left too general increase the likelihood of conflict and the need for expensive court intervention.

For these reasons, our firm’s dedicated family law attorney, Kim DiGiovanni, commits herself to knowing each client. As a result, she knows the unique circumstances and needs each client faces. She can then incorporate these issues into an effectively written document responsive to the specific circumstances facing each client.

Because successful divorce documents are tailored to each client’s individual needs, we do not believe in one-size-fits-all legal advice. By delivering individually tailored divorce agreements to our uncontested divorce clients, we make it more likely that the peace will be kept in the future and conflict will be kept to a minimum.

Experienced Lawyer For Uncontested Divorces: St. Charles And Wheaton-Area Services

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