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Pre and Postnuptial

Pre and Postnuptial Agreements In Illinois

Marriage today is difficult enough. Our clients do not need concerns distracting them from the serious emotional and personal work of keeping their marriages together.

For that reason, they seek out our experienced judgment with respect to those issues that often derail even the strongest of marriages: inheritances, blended families, marital property, family businesses and more. To address those concerns most effectively, we draft a number of different marital agreements specifically tailored to each client’s unique marital needs.

Postnuptial Agreements And More: Experienced Marital Agreements Attorney

To do so, the Law Offices of Kim DiGiovanni has purposely structured its practice so as to maximize client accessibility. By working closely with each of our clients, we learn their specific concerns and build marital agreements directly responsive to those concerns.

Our firm offers particular value to our clients in that we offer the usual marital agreements prior to the wedding (prenuptial agreements) as well as the increasingly helpful postnuptial agreements. Attorney Kim DiGiovanni, our firm’s dedicated family law attorney, crafts these agreements so they set out clear rules as to how the marriage will be conducted with respect to any number of areas, including the disposition of assets and more.

With these rules clearly set out in a written document tailored to the marriage’s specific needs, our clients find they can focus their energies where they should: on the marriage itself. Few other areas of law give us as much satisfaction as knowing that we have helped a marriage manage the pitfalls that come during a long life lived together.